The September Bag Challenge – day 24

24 09 2017

I haven’t even been outside today much less carried anything with me on said non-existent outing. However, I will still share one of my handbags here and consider it as ”used” for the remainder of the month.

”Today’s” bag is by Dutch Oilily (my second) and I brought it to Japan this summer as it is lightweight, versatile and not too weather-sensitive while still being very pretty. The hot-air balloons have an almost steampunk-ey feel don’t they?! This particular photo is from Mt Moiwa in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan and the bag seems suitable for travelling I think!


The September Bag Challenge – day 23

23 09 2017

Today we decided to go on a drive to the bigger city next to us and buy special cat food (one of out cats eat a special diet). We also bought fika to go at the Tripadvisor top-rated café (I liked mine very much, my husband thought his was too sourdough-y 🙂 ). I didn’t need to bring much today (cardholder, phone, keys, medicine) so I chose a very cute small cross-body bag by the brand Chocolate Rain bought at the British Museum in London. Yes, on the trip when I broke my leg on the Tower Bridge.. The bag was part of a series designed especially for the museum and it is extra fun to have these kinds of souvenirs I think.

The September Bag Challenge – day 22

22 09 2017

Fri-yay! Today’s weatherproof bag (yes, it has been a very wet September this far) is from Fossil and the model is called the Key-per messenger bag and the print has beautiful swans on it!

I bought this bag at the Macy’s flagship store on Manhattan in 2012. I didn’t own any Fossil bags and it is fair to say the cute print is what sucked me into buying this one! 

The September Bag Challenge – day 21

21 09 2017

This little cutie is actually what I would use on an everyday basis to carry my lunch to work. Today however it also serves as my handbag and holds wallet, keys, phone etc. I bought the bag in Hong Kong in 2012 and I think it is meant as a lunch bag for kids, but I am young at heart and love mixing cute stuff into my work-life! 

The September Bag Challenge – day 20

20 09 2017

I bought today’s bag this summer in order to have a bavkpack when travelling to Japan! The picture below is actually from Arlanda Airport the day we went on vacation! Today was far too gloomy and rainy to look nice in a photo.

The backpack is from Kate Spade and made of shiny satin fabric with leather details. I got it from and it shipped from Austria I believe. The bag is very comfortable to wear and since it’s not huge it won’t get too heavy even as a carry on. Wearing it to work was great as all my stuff (including my sandwich) fit inside. My laptop however did not. But on the other hand, the bag was never intended as a laptop case. 

The September Bag Challenge – day 19

19 09 2017

Today’s bag has actually been featured on this blog before! It’s my only Marc Jacobs-bag and the model is called Petal to the Metal Natasha. It is in a soft and smooth leather and the two birds adorning the hardware are adorable!

I bought this bag outside of Chicago at a Von Maur department store in 2012 and the bag has since been back in the US on at least one occasion. The shoulder strap is long enough to wear cross-body but I mostly wear it simply slung over my shoulder. 

The September Bag Challenge – day 18

18 09 2017

The beautiful thing about this challenge is re-discovering a lot of very nice handbags that I had almost forgotten about. I realize this sounds terribly materialistic but since it is my hobby and I pay for it with my own money I am totally ok with it.

Today’s bag is a great example, a beautiful Coach leather handbag in slate grey (looks almost blue) that I had actually never worn (the tags were still on it). Now I have re-discovered this bag and will absolutely use it in the future! The bag is very versatile with two different strap-lengths and smells lovely 🙂