The September Bag Challenge – day 17

17 09 2017

Today is Sunday and election day in Sweden! Not the big election to parliament, which is next year, but what is called the Church election. Today’s bag needed to hold the election card (which I believe you should not fold up), as well as my usual necessities. The choice fell on a very cute cross-body bag from Radley London which I bought in London (!) in 2014 as a souvenir. I love Scottie dogs and therefore Radley easily became a favourite, I mean just look at them all over the bag, and on the bag charm! Adorable! This bag is non-leather and weather-proof (suitable in rainy UK no doubt) but Radley has some really nice leather goods as well.


The September Bag Challenge – day 16

16 09 2017

Today is Saturday and my one outing was dinner with my friend at a restaurant. I didn’t need to bring a lot of stuff (cardholder, phone) but since restaurant lighting is often dim I needed to bring my glasses in order to be able to read the menu! Today’s choice fell on a small-ish (but not mini) cross-body bag from Coach in grey leather with a silver rose-pattern.

I honestly don’t remember where I bought this bag but it must have been somewhere in the US or Canada at least 🙂 The bag is too small to work well as an everyday bag but perfect for going out at night!

The September Bag Challenge – day 15

15 09 2017

Today’s bag is my one and only bag from Michael Kors. The model is called the Selma and I bought it at the Shoppes at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, NV on a family roadtrip in 2014. I remember I was very exited about getting the Selma and in this particular colour, but I have come to realize that saffiano leather is not my favourite. I know it is durable but I prefer the softer smoother leathers anyway!

However, the bag is still nice and allows me to be super-organized as it has several compartments on the inside and the shoulder-strap means added versatility. Shockingly I usually carry it over the shoulder (and not cross-body). 

The September Bag Challenge – day 14

14 09 2017

Today’s bag is one of my Hello Kitty bags featuring Charmmy Kitty (Hello Kitty’s pet persian cat in case you didn’t know)! I purchased the bag when I lived in Japan in 2004 at the Sanrio Gift Gate store in Shinjuku and I believe it was about 5000 yen which was a stretch when you were a student living on student loans. For the longest time I did not remove the tag from the bag, those of you who are collectors know that NWT (New With Tag) is what matters when reselling, but I have come to terms with myself and prefer wearing the bags and not just displaying them. On a sidenote, I still keep the tags on most of my collection of plush Hello Kittys dressed in animal costumes. Old habits die hard!

The September Bag Challenge – day 13

13 09 2017

Today’s bag is my first ever Gucci bag! I believe it is called the Charlotte Hobo (yes, yet another hobo people!) and I bought it in the summer of 2010 at a Gucci outlet on an American roadtrip from NYC to the Florida Keys. I am a bit suspicious of outlet stores sometimes but I have not noticed any flaws on this bag so probably it was a discontinued model or such.

The bag holds a ton of stuff and as I needed to bring a bit more than usual to a seminar today this was a very good choice. The bag does not have a zipper closure but overlapping flaps that kind of folds in on themselves keeping the bag shut. I have come to appreciate Gucci a lot more in recent years and feel confident that I will buy from the fashion house again. 

The September Bag Challenge – day 12

12 09 2017

Today’s bag is another LV classic, none other than the beautiful Louis Vuitton Alma in Monogram Vernis leather in the shade givre (means frost in French but looks grey). I bought this bag pre-loved on an online auction site in 2013 and I think it was hardly ever used before I got it! As I mentioned yesterday top-handles are not my favourite but I do love the Alma (and I have more than one in my collection..).

The vernis version is especially versatile when the weather is unpredictable and so far it has held up very nice! The zipper is not as smooth as on my newer LV pieces but it is not a big problem. And I usually leave the bag open anyways.. 

The September Bag Challenge – day 11

11 09 2017

Today’s bag was my first ever luxury designer handbag! I went on a Californa road-trip with three of my girlfriends back in June of 2008 and bought this Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 at the LV store at Union Square in San Francisco!

The leather has a nice patina by now and since I have not used it very much at all, partly because I did baby it back then and partly because handheld only is not for me, the bag is still in excellent condition. Back then the Speedy Bandouliere did not exist but I have been considering adding a Speedy B to my collection, as the model is a classic and very elegant in a no-frills kind of way and if I could find a way to wear a Speedy more often that would be great.