The September Bag Challenge – day 28

28 09 2017

Today’s bag is one of my absolute favourites! Let me introduce you all to the ever so beautiful Fendi 2jours in black calf leather with gold hardware! I bought the bag at the Fendi boutique at KaDeWe in Berlin right after Easter 2016. I was actually going in with the intention of getting it in the small size but when I tried the bags on I liked how much more you could fit into the regular size and since I am on the taller side it does not overwhelm my frame. An added plus is the shoulder strap which makes it very comfortable to carry.

This bag was my first, but not last, Fendi (a hint at what might still come..) and I am very pleased with the quality. Usually I put on a bag charm to give it a pop of colour but as I was running a bit late this morning there was no time for those kinds of luxuries. 🙂





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